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Farmtown experiences all four seasons. Each season comes with varying temperatures, which affects the growth rate of crops. Precipitation is also much more likely in certain seasons (spring) than in others (winter.) Not all of the seasons are the same length. Summer is the longest, while winter is the shortest.


Springtime.png Spring. The season where flowers start to bloom, the grass is greener than ever, warmer temperatures start to arise, and the rainy weather makes an appearance. This season is great for growing many types of crops like: Wheat, Carrots, Magic Beans, and many other crops! If you're wanting to start a Beekeeping hobby, this time of year is a great way to start!


SummerPainting.png Summer. The season that is the warmest of them all, but the one that seems to be the most lively. The sun is out and shining, the bees are out and buzzing around, new adventures are taking place, and memories are being made. This season is great for growing crops like: Corn, Sugar Cane, Pumpkins, and many other lovely crops!


AutumnPainting.png Autumn. The season where the leaves start to change color and fall to the ground, leaf piles are being made and jumped into, the temperatures start to gradually decrease, and crops are being gathered. This season is great for growing crops like: Pumpkins, Turnips, Carrots, and more!


WinterPainting.png Winter. The season that is the coldest of them all, but the most ebullience one alongside Summer. The snow is falling, animals are in hibernation, icicles are forming on the rooftops, and snowmen are being built. This season is great for growing crops like: Snowmen, Beets, Potatoes, and more. Mining is also a great alternative if you don't want to grow crops this time around!