Coin Store

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The UI buttons for buying coins and opening the coin store as they appear in-game.

The Coin Store is where you can buy Gold Coins to buy various items and buildings using or you may throw them into the wishing well.

Coins can be bought in bulk, giving you a small discount, or in smaller portions, with no discount.

You'll need robux in order to buy any Gold Coins from the Coin Store.

Amounts are the following:

  • 1 Gold Coin || 5 Robux
  • 5 Gold Coins || 25 Robux
  • 50 Gold Coins || 240 Robux
  • 100 Gold Coins || 480 Robux
  • 500 Gold Coins || 2,375 Robux
  • 1,000 Gold Coins || 4,750 Robux