Honey, I'm Home!

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Quest.png Honey, I'm Home!

QuestsBook.png The Beekeeper knows all about keeping bees and should have no problem teaching you!

QuestsPoint.png Ask the Beekeeper about keeping bees.

QuestsBook.png I asked him about keeping bees and he gave me plans for building my own Beehive. I should go build one!

QuestsPoint.png The Beekeeper gave you some Beehive Plans. Click the Beehive plan that is in your inventory and select the use option. Then place the Beehive somewhere on your farm.

QuestsBook.png I picked out a nice spot for a Beehive.

QuestsPoint.png Finishing up the Beehive!

QuestsBook.png Just finished building the Beehive, great! I should go talk to the Beekeeper now.

QuestsPoint.png Return to the Beekeeper and ask about how to get some Bees for your new Beehive.

QuestsBook.png I talked to the Beekeeper again. He gave me a Bee Smoker and told me to use it on a Wild Beehive. They can be found all over Farmtown and they prefer small oak trees.

QuestsPoint.png Find a Wild Beehive. They can be found hanging from the branches of smaller trees just about anywhere in Farmtown.

QuestsBook.png There's one! I found some wild bees!

QuestsPoint.png Equip your Bee Smoker! Use the Bee Smoker each time the Honeycomb ring expands, repeat this process until the Bees are calmed. Once calmed, unequip the Bee Smoker and drop the Beehive from the tree branch and take it back to your farm.

Ok1.png Completed!