Milk-o-Matic 6000

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Milk-O-Matic 6000
A Milk-o-Matic 6000.
A Milk-o-Matic 6000.
DollarIcon.png Price$10,000

The Milk-o-Matic 6000 can be bought at Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply for $10,000.00. it takes up 3x3.5 plots and can hold up to 75 Cow Milk.

To get a cow to go to the Milk-o-Matic 6000; you simply click/tap on the cow and choose the "Send to Milker" option, the cow will then go to the milker and give you a maximum of 10 Cow Milk.

Appearance-wise the Milk-o-Matic 6000 has a clear milk tank that can indicate its level of milk, a pad for the cow to stand on, and a port on the side that's purpose will be revealed in the future update.