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A potato.
A potato.
Best SeasonWinter
DollarIcon.png Value
  • Quality1.png $0.28
  • Quality2.png $0.31
  • Quality3.png $0.35
  • Quality4.png $0.43
  • Quality5.png $0.52
  • Quality6.png $0.61
  • Quality7.png $0.70
Crate Quantity200

Potato seeds can be obtained at Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply for $0.50 per seed. Each seed yields 10 potatoes. This is one of the few crops that grows best in winter, so it can often be a good choice when other crops aren't growing.
Potatoes are a ROOT Crop
Harvest with: Scythe or Root Crop Harvester
There are many factors that affect growth time. But generally Potatoes should take about 2 to 5 minutes to grow IN SEASON. Consult your Farmer's Almanac if you have questions regarding seasons.
Farming level 3 is required to plant Potatoes.

When 5 potatoes are placed in the Windmill, it yields 1 Potato Starch.
Potatoes are of the flowering type of crop, Bees will pollinate this crop to make honey in your Beehive