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A potato.
A potato.
Best SeasonWinter
DollarIcon.png Value
  • Quality1.png $0.28
  • Quality2.png $0.31
  • Quality3.png $0.35
  • Quality4.png $0.43
  • Quality5.png $0.52
  • Quality6.png $0.61
  • Quality7.png $0.70
Crate Quantity200

Potato seeds can be obtained at Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply for $0.50 per seed. Each seed yields 10 potatoes. This is one of the few crops that grows best in winter, so it can often be a good choice when other crops aren't growing.
Potatoes are a ROOT Crop
Harvest with: Scythe or Root Crop Harvester
There are many factors that affect growth time. But generally Potatoes should take about 2 to 5 minutes to grow IN SEASON. Consult your Farmer's Almanac if you have questions regarding seasons.
Farming level 3 is required to plant Potatoes.

When potatoes are placed in the Windmill, it yields Potato Starch
Potatoes are of the flowering type of crop, Bees will pollinate this crop to make honey in your Beehive