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A chicken.
Well cared-for adult chickens lay eggs every day. Lives in the coop.
Building SmallChickenCoop.png Small Chicken Coop
Price DollarIcon.png $100.00
Produce MediumEgg.png Egg

Chickens are small animals that lay eggs. The Small Chicken Coop houses 8 of them. Their preferred food is shucked corn, but they will also eat unshucked corn. Much like the Cow, they enjoy Silage in place of their normal food, which is more filling and thus will cause them to eat less often. They also enjoy an occasional treat in the form of a Tamale or a Purple Mountain Flower. Like all animals in Farmtown, they can be purchased from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply in the form of a Chicken Order.

Preferred foods

Food Type How filling? How much happiness? Note
Corn medium medium Shucked is slightly better
Silage very medium Use a Silo to produce silage
Tamale very extra Expensive, requires cooking in an Oven
Purple Mountain Flower minimally extra Found on mountains around Farmtown
A happy chicken.