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A chicken.
Well cared-for adult chickens lay eggs every day. Lives in the coop.
Building SmallChickenCoop.png Small Chicken Coop
Price DollarIcon.png $100.00
Produce MediumEgg.png Egg

Want chickens? You have to build a home for them first. Chickens live in the Small Chicken Coop. Once built, you will need purchase chicken orders from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply. Head back to your farm with your chicken order, go into your Small Chicken Coop and click on the order for it to be delivered to your farm.
Chickens need food!! To feed these chickens, you will need an oak feed trough or Automatic Feeding Trough from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply. You then drag Purple Mountain Flower/corn/tamale/cornmeal/silageinto the feeding trough.
Chickens need attention too!! Don't forget to pet them as well. As long as you pet and properly feed them, the chickens will grow and lay eggs, increasing in quality based on how loved they feel. You can see how loved they are by pressing the action button near them after you have pet them. Pet will change to examine.