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A cow.
Adult cows can be milked daily. A bucket or Milk-o-Matic 6000 is required in order to harvest the milk.
Building SmallBarn.png Barn
Price DollarIcon.png $1200.00
Produce MilkA.png Milk

Cows are large animals that produce highly desirable Milk. The Small Barn can house up to 8 cows. Their preferred food is Wheat, but they can survive on Corn if that's all that's available - but they won't be happy. Silage is an even better option than Wheat and is more filling, meaning the cows won't need to be fed as often. Cows can be obtained through the Caring for a Cow quest, or from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply in the form of a Cow Order.

In order to milk a cow, one requires a Bucket or a Milk-o-Matic 6000.

Preferred foods

Food Type How filling? How much happiness? Note
Wheat medium medium
Corn minimally negative Cows really prefer wheat in Farmtown, but they can survive on corn if that's all you have
Silage very medium Silage is produced in a Silo from either Wheat or Corn

A happy cow.