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A cow.
Adults can be milked daily. A bucket is required in order to harvest the milk.
Building SmallBarn.png Barn
Price DollarIcon.png $1200.00
Produce MilkA.png Milk

Cows are another animal that you can have on your farm. You will get your first cow from the quest Caring for a Cow from Pitchfork Jeb the rest of them you have to purchase. The maximum number of cows is 8.
ows live in the Small Barn, which you will also get from the Caring for a Cow quest. Alternatly, Big Jim's Construction also sells small barn plans. Cows will require a cow bed and a oak feed trough or Automatic Feeding Trough. In order to place the cow bed or either of the feeding troughs that you purchased from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply, go into your Small barn, click the furniture editor, then drag the cow bed onto the ground.
To feed a cow, you will need an oak feed trough orAutomatic Feeding Trough to put wheat or silage into. Grow Wheat or make Silage in the Silo and drag the food into the Food trough that you chose to purchase.
When you pet the cow and properly feed it, the cow will grow and produce milk, increasing in quality based on how much it is loved.
To milk a cow, buy a Bucket from Pitchfork Jeb's Farmer Supply. Then equip the bucket and click on the cow you want to milk. You can also milk a cow automatically, using the Milk-o-Matic 6000!